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Arch Intern Med. Background Health care providers may not solicit a comprehensive sexual history from lesbian patients because of provider assumptions that lesbians have not been sexually active with men.

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We performed this study to assess whether women who identify themselves as lesbians have a history of sexual activities with men that have implications for receipt of preventive health screening. Objective To convey the importance for health care providers to know their patients' sexual history when making appropriate recommendations for preventive health care.

Methods A survey was printed in a national news magazine aimed at homosexual men, lesbians, and bisexual men and women. The sample included self-identified lesbians from all 50 US states. The outcomes Women want sex Bybee measured were respondents' of lifetime male sexual partners and partners during the past year, their lifetime history of specific sexual activities eg, vaginal intercourse, anal intercoursetheir lifetime condom use, and their lifetime history of sexually transmitted diseases. Of respondents, Exactly 5. Conclusion These findings reinforce the need for providers to know their patients' sexual history regardless of their reported sexual orientation, especially with regard to recommendations for Papanicolaou smears and screening for sexually transmitted diseases.

ALTHOUGH THERE is strong consensus among primary care provider organizations that clinicians should obtain a sexual history from their patients, this aspect of a patient's medical history may not receive adequate attention because of reluctance on the part of the health care provider ie, physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or the patient. Women who have a history of vaginal intercourse are at greater risk for gynecologic infection and malignant neoplasms than women who have never had vaginal intercourse, and this risk increases for women who have a history of vaginal intercourse without a condom.

A lesbian is, by definition, a woman who is primarily physically and emotionally attracted to other women 11 - 15 ; however, the woman's past or current sexual partners may not be limited to women. Because of ambiguity of public perceptions and the fluidity of sexual activity, clinicians may assume, with good intentions, that they do not need to ask patients they know or assume to be lesbians about a history of male sexual partners.

Women want sex Bybee studies indicate that many lesbians have had at least 1 male sexual partner at some time during their lives. In this article, we use national data from a magazine-based survey to determine whether women who identify themselves as lesbians have a history of engaging in vaginal intercourse and other sexual activities with men and, if so, the nature and duration of their sexual history with men, as well as their history of STDs and abnormal Papanicolaou Pap smears.

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A item questionnaire was developed by 3 health services researchers including M. The questionnaire appeared as a several- insert in the center of the March issue and included a postage-paid, return-addressed mailer. The questionnaire included demographics, sexual orientation, sexual history with men, and gynecologic history, as well as other items not covered in this article. Marketing and subscription information at the time of the survey indicated that 88 copies of each issue of The Advocate were distributed and that the female readership was about 24 There were respondents.

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The analysis sample for this article consisted of women from the 50 United States who identified themselves as lesbians on the basis of their response to the first item of the survey, "How do you describe your sexuality," with the following response options: 1 homosexual, gay, or lesbian; 2 bisexual; 3 heterosexual or straight; and 4 not sure. We only included lesbians because we were interested in assessing sexual activity with men among a population of women whose health care providers might make inaccurate assumptions about their sexual history on the basis of their orientation.

The study protocol was submitted to the university Human Subjects Protection Committee for the University of California, Los Angeles, and was granted institutional review board approval.

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Respondents reported their lifetime sexual activities with men, including kissing, mutual masturbation, fellatio, cunnilingus, vaginal intercourse with and without a condom, anal intercourse with and without a condom, and of male sexual partners ever and during the past year. In the survey, vaginal intercourse was defined as Women want sex Bybee with men. The survey also included age at first and most recent vaginal intercourse and history of gonorrhea, Chlamydia infection, trichomoniasis, pelvic inflammatory disease, syphilis, genital or anal herpes, genital or anal warts, and human immunodeficiency virus HIV infection.

We classified respondents as having a history of at least 1 STD if they reported 1 or more of these conditions. The survey also included items regarding history of an abnormal Pap smear and history of HIV testing. We performed logistic regression for the following outcome variables: a history of vaginal intercourse, having a male sexual partner within the past year, and vaginal intercourse without a condom. In response to our survey, College graduates comprised Of the respondents, Among women who had engaged in vaginal intercourse, the mean age at first intercourse was 18 years, and the mean age at last intercourse was 25 years.

Our data showed that 5. Respondents in this study also reported a history of ever having participated in the following sexual activities with men: kissing of the multivariate logistic regression model are found in Table 3.

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Lesbians were ificantly more likely to have a history of vaginal intercourse if they had not graduated from college and were less likely if they were younger than 50 years, or if they lived in small or medium-sized cities or rural areas. Our showed that For all respondents, Our data showed that 4.

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In the regression model, lesbians were ificantly more likely to have engaged in vaginal intercourse without a condom if they were older than 50 years compared with women younger than 25 years and women 25 to 29 years oldor if they reported more Women want sex Bybee 1 lifetime male sex partner Table 3. The most commonly reported STDs were trichomoniasis 6. Lesbians who reported 6 or more male sexual partners were most likely to have had an STD at some point during their lives.

Lesbians who had participated in vaginal intercourse were more likely to have reported a history of an STD than lesbians who did not have a history of vaginal intercourse Lesbians who had engaged in vaginal intercourse and those who had engaged in anal intercourse reported higher rates of STDs and abnormal Pap smears than those who had not engaged in these activities Table 4.

Of all respondents, Among women who had engaged in vaginal intercourse or anal intercourse without a condom, Overall, 5. In this study, a majority of lesbians had engaged in penile vaginal intercourse, with a ificant proportion participating in vaginal intercourse without a condom. Younger women were more Women want sex Bybee to have had a male sexual partner during the preceding year. By contrast, older women were more likely than younger women to have engaged in vaginal intercourse, perhaps because the former have had a longer time during which to engage in such activity.

Older women were also less likely to have used a condom, which may indicate that public health messages about safer sex are not influencing them or that such messages were not yet available when they were having intercourse. If clinicians assume that a woman who identifies herself as a lesbian has not had any sexual contact with men, or that such contact was only in the distant past, they may not make appropriate diagnostic and treatment recommendations.

Of particular importance with regard to recommendations by providers for cervical cancer screening is lesbians' prior sexual history with men, including age at first vaginal intercourse, use of condoms, and of lifetime male sexual partners. The clinical importance of these findings relates to clinicians' advice to their lesbian patients regarding receipt of appropriate health care services, including cervical cancer screening, testing for STDs, advice regarding safe sexual behaviors, and information about contraception and fertility. The findings from our study are consistent with studies that show a history of sexual contact with men for many lesbians 16 - 26 ; however, our study also provides information on specific sexual activities that lesbians have engaged in with men and on their use of condoms.

This information is important for clinicians in the provision of appropriate health care services to lesbians. In a more recent study, Lemp et al 16 reported on the prevalence of risk behaviors for HIV, such as "unsafe sex with men," among a sample of lesbians and bisexual women in San Francisco and Berkeley, Calif. According to guidelines from the US Preventive Services Task Force, regular Pap smears are recommended for all women who are currently, or have been ly, sexually active with men and who have a cervix, beginning at age 18 years or when the woman first engages in sexual intercourse.

These recommendations vary among specialty organizations.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention established that unprotected anal intercourse is the highest-risk sexual activity for the transmission of HIV, and unprotected vaginal intercourse is also a high-risk sexual activity. Other clinical implications of a history of vaginal intercourse with STDs include decreased fertility, chronic infection eg, herpes simplex virusand risk of transmission of disease to sexual partners of either sex. If women are or were sexually active with men, the potential for infection may be greater than if they have only been sexually active with women 31 ; however, there is evidence that infection with herpes simplex virus, Trichomonas vaginalisGardnerella vaginalisand perhaps human papillomavirus, may be transmitted between female sexual partners.

There are several published case reports of women with HIV whose only known potential route of transmission was female-to-female sexual contact.

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This study has a of important strengths. First, in contrast to studies, this study is based on a much larger of respondents who resided in all 50 states, allowing subgroup analyses. Second, the questionnaire included detailed questions about types of sexual behaviors, which, combined with the large sample Women want sex Bybee and demographic information, permits analysis of relationships that have not Women want sex Bybee been examined.

Third, the sample includes a large of women whose sexual behavior puts them in important health risk. Fourth, a broad-based media solicitation yields broader geographic diversity of representation that surpasses the convenience samples of lesbians studied to date. Although this article presents from the largest sample of lesbians studied to date, there are some limitations. This study did not use probability sampling, so generalization to all lesbians must be done with caution.

The difficulty in identifying a probability sample partly from the hesitancy of some women to disclose their sexual orientation because of fear of negative reactions from employers, family, and others. How these sampling biases relate to either sexual history or health-seeking behavior is unknown in this population. Data suggest that individuals who answer surveys about sexual issues tend to hold more liberal sexual attitudes and be more sexually active than nonrespondents.

Another limitation is the reliance on self-report for disease conditions, a limitation common to survey-based studies. If health care providers are to make appropriate recommendations to their lesbian patients regarding preventive health care screening, preventive behaviors, and treatment options, they must obtain an accurate social history that includes a woman's sexual history as well as, but not limited to, any history of substance use, physical or emotional abuse, social support systems, and employment.

In studies, lesbians have reported negative experiences with health care providers that included insensitive comments, inadequate or inappropriate health care, and refusal to provide treatment. For example, the clinician can explain that women who have had vaginal intercourse have an increased risk for cervical dysplasia, that cervical cancer screening is recommended even in women who are no longer sexually active with men, and that STDs may have long-term effects on fertility.

In summary, many lesbians have a history of sexual contact with men that includes unprotected vaginal intercourse, and some have engaged in unprotected anal intercourse. Therefore, clinicians should not assume that women who describe themselves as lesbians have never engaged in sexual activity with men or are not currently doing so. It is important for the clinician to know a patient's complete medical and social history, including current and past sexual activity, to make appropriate decisions regarding the provision of appropriate health care.

This care includes, but is not limited to, performing Pap smears, screening for STDs, assessing HIV risk factors, and advising on sexual risk reduction. This work does not necessarily represent the opinions of the funding organizations or of the institutions with which the authors are affiliated.

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Women want sex Bybee

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