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Ellie Haskell Series Dorothy Cannell. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later. Read an Excerpt. She Shoots to Conquer. A dark foggy night. A big spooky mansion. And a reality TV dating show? Malloy—who promptly s up as a contestant when she learns that the bachelorettes are competing for the affections of Lord Belfry himself.

Some women would kill to marry a lord. Even before the shooting starts, one would-be bride is knocked out of the game by a fatal car wreck. Ellie is beginning to suspect that murder is a grim inevitability on this doomed production. Somewhere in the dark passageways and hidden nooks of Mucklesfeld Manor, another life is about to be canceled—but Ellie will do anything to ensure that she and her friends make it back to reality unscathed.

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A satire on the gothic suspense novel, She Shoots to Conquer is also an engaging mystery, as the deft and talented Cannell proves again that hilarity and horror can meet. Before the influx of writers trying to out-humor Janet Evanovich, there was Dorothy Cannell. Long may Sex dating in Haskell write! Goodbye, Ms. From Agatha Award nominee Dorothy Cannell, this delightful mystery is an education.

Fortunately for Ellie Haskell, she is no longer a pudgy, wayward pupil but a happily married mother and interior deer with a beautiful home by the sea. Rather, Ellie has been summoned thanks to her reputation as an amateur sleuth. The headmistress, Mrs. Unless the prize is found, someone will succeed in dealing the school a great deal of embarrassment. So, despite her less-than-rosy memories of her alma mater, Ellie begins snooping around St.

Now, with a killer possibly stalking the halls, Ellie must act fast to have a sporting chance at justice. Praise for Goodbye, Ms. Bridesmaids Revisited. Now, thirty years later, a letter from the bridesmaids arrives informing Ellie that her grandmother, Sophia, wishes to make contact. This might have been heartwarming news but for one small detail: Sophia is dead. Ellie sets out to visit the bridesmaids, expecting to set the record straight.

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The result is a thoroughly delightful puzzle. The Trouble with Harriet. Now a bewildered Ellie finds herself asks some probing questions: Who or what was in that urn? Could her father be a pawn in a deadly game? And what exactly is the meaning of that darn prophecy?

Ellie just hopes she lives to find out whether the answers are worth the trouble. The Spring Cleaning Murders. When the ever-scrupulous and ever-caustic Mrs. Roxie Malloy leaves her employ in tears, Ellie Haskell—busy mother of twins—is forced to find another cleaning person. As she searches for someone who can at least aspire to taking Mrs.

With the help of her husband, Ben, her feckless cousin Freddy, and an assortment of homemade cleaning solutions, Ellie s the C. Pick up [The Spring Cleaning Murders] and let the dust bunnies lie where they fall. How to Murder the Man of Your Dreams. Life has been hectic in the Haskell household, but a lull in household affairs should allow Ellie time enough to slim down, pick up the thre of her interior de career, and kick the romance-reading habit that keeps her from her marital boudoir.

But murder rears its ugly head when the body of the Chitterdon Fells librarian found sprawled among the library stacks. Ellie must find a clever killer before she meets a sinister and decidedly unromantic fate!

How to Murder Your Mother-in-Law. Nothing like a live-in mother-in-law to reduce a woman to the role of junior housemaid. Thank goodness for the other wives who also suffer the age-old mother-in-law curse. All very therapeutic and no harm intended. Dorothy Cannell is a master at creating wildly ludicrous characters and hilarious plots. Her latest Ellie Haskell adventure only enhances her reputation. Femmes Fatal. But now, four months after the birth of her twins, her worst nightmare has come true: the princess has turned into a frog and the bliss has gone out of the bedroom.

Can a course in the sensual arts, featuring naughty nighties and Peach Melba Love Rub, rekindle the romance she and her adored Bentley once shared? But before she can say "Marriage Makeover," one fellow vamp becomes a sex-crazed zombie and another meets her end in a fatally frothy bubble bath. Can Ellie catch a crazed killer before love gets a bad name.

Several pounds heavier—and gaining—blissful mother-to-be Ellie Haskell knows her days as a thin woman are ed. Time to let out her clothes, put up her feet, and prepare to enjoy the next nine months as pampered wife. The Widows Club.

Stylish, amusing, and deliciously wicked—a superb murder mystery from the acclaimed author of The Thin Woman Divorce can end a marriage. Murder can do it better. Her life in charming Chitterton Fells promises nothing but endless bliss—until she meets two of the most cunning and unlikely private eyes ever to track down a diabolical killer. Misses Hyacinth and Primrose Tramwell of Flowers Detection Agency have been called in by a major insurance company to investigate the deplorably high incidence of sudden death among the married men of this picturesque municipality.

The Sex dating in Haskell sleuths soon discover that all the husbands had been Sex dating in Haskell and their deaths neatly arranged by an enterprising social organization called The Widows Club. But to find the mastermind behind this insidious ring, the Tramwells need an unhappy and betrayed wife. Enter Ellie, who will endanger life and husband to The Widows Club and arrange to have her dearly beloved.

The Thin Woman. In the delectable debut that earned her instant acclaim, award-winning author Dorothy Cannell serves up a murder mystery to be savored.

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Ellie Simons longs to be thin—and married. How can she show up with her embarrassingly full figure in her humble unmarried state and keep her chins up? Enter Bentley T. Haskell of Eligibility Escorts, a devastatingly attractive writer of smutty novels who also cooks like a dream. With Bentley posing as her besotted beau, Ellie feels brave enough to beard her batty relations in their den.

And the best—and worst—is yet to come, as the weekend le to sudden death, unexpected romance, and a treasure hunt that promises epicurean Ellie wealth, hearth, and happiness. Share: Share on Facebook. Ellie Haskell Series: Related Titles. Other Series By Dorothy Cannell. About Dorothy Cannell.

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Sex dating in Haskell

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