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We sip tea, nibble small sandwiches, sample scrumptious desserts and chat away. Call it the fitting conclusion to the perfect day out. For the last eight hours, no one has asked either of us to pick up anything, find anything, solve any problems, go to the bank or call the doctor. For the past eight hours, it has been nothing but bliss. Two adults in unadulterated delight. A lunch on the run here, a quick phone call there—neither amounts to more than a way to touch base.

You deserve more. And so do we. Or opt for the stick-to-your-ribs oatmeal. Or one of the amazing baked goods.

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Over cups and cups of coffee, we talk. And talk. Linger over a cup of coffee and enjoy the relaxed ambience and fragrance from the bakery. No day is perfect without a trip to the spa—but what service to choose? A facial? Same problem.

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A pedicure. And not just any pedicure. We can go sit in an assembly-line nail place any day. Kirkwood,www. It will leave you as close to walking on air as humanly possible. Ginger Bay always has the latest OPI colors, if you care about such things. And we do. The talking ceases; relaxation commences. Perched on thrones angled toward each other and divided by a drawn sheer curtain, we have our feet soaked in a tub of oiled water covering flat, tootsie-massaging stones.

A step process ensues: hand massage and heated mitts, heated neck pillow, polish removal, nail shaping, exfoliation, mask, hot towels, reflexology, massage, paraffin, polish. Stomach rumbles urge us to our next destination: lunch. If you want to devote a whole day to a spa splurge, or if you want more buffing for your buck, try any of the following:. To get the full effect, ask to be seated in one of the booths, which feature walls so high you feel comfortably hidden away.

But the pear salad with pancetta and candied walnuts made for a lovely lunch, and the crisp flavor was the perfect complement to our lunchtime glass of champagne. Pleasantly full, and with our car safely ensconced in the Chase Park Plaza garage valet parking is free for restaurant patronswe decided the time had come for entertainment.

A movie. Down the hall and to the left. Not much. If you want to continue a St. Mothers have been bringing daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren here for decades. It also has a friendly neighborhood feel that encourages diners to talk endlessly without fear of getting the hook. We share the theater with one other pair. At The Ritz. The Moolah features a huge screen and leather couches and loveseats, as well as stadium and balcony seating.

Go early to have a drink in the bar, or grab one to enjoy during the show. The assortment of dainty treats, attentive service and leisurely pace make English-style afternoon tea Saint Louis adult girls excellent addition to our perfect day. A tiny bit. You know a hotel chain is setting the standard for excellence when its name becomes an adjective. Everything about The Ritz is indeed ritzy, including the tea Carondelet,tea served Thursday—Sunday —3 p.

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Held in the sumptuous lobby bar area, the tea starts out with a choice of four Taylors of Harrogate teas—jasmine, Earl Grey, mango and blue sapphire the last made exclusively for The Ritz. Saint Louis adult girls choices vary, but The Ritz always offers one decaffeinated and one herbal. A tower of treats follows, including four types of sandwiches, scones with Devon-shire cream and a selection of sweets that changes daily. It also is a bit more substantial on the food side, serving soup before the impressive tier of goodies arrives, including scones with house-made Devonshire cream and bonus!

After a bit of shopping and perhaps a leisurely walk, nothing caps the perfect day off like a drink and a dessert. Nothing is more girlie than makeup, and Sephora 37 West County Center,www. For the reader in all of us, an hour in a bookstore can be a piece of heaven. While in our heart of hearts we are rooting for the independent, we have to confess that those overstuffed chairs at Borders are very inviting. Euclid,www. The site lists not only the events at the store but those at libraries all across town. Of course, all excursions work best when plotted out and paired with locations nearby.

Stop in at Just Chic Clayton, to see the latest arrivals. Breakfasting at Companion? Laurie Solet Forsyth, and Byrd Maryland, beckon. Meeting at the Chase? Sohalia McPherson, is just blocks away. If you prefer to have the racks reviewed by someone else, the Saks Fifth Avenue Club 1 Plaza Frontenac,www. They work the floor, find the clothes, call you about sales and send everything to your house. Once your shopper knows you, you may never need to go out again.

A day out with the girls could and perhaps should include a bit of art, a touch of culture. If you Saint Louis adult girls the experts to alert you to the specifics of the garden, you can take the tour, offered for free daily at 1 p.

Make it Tuesday morning around 11 a. BOX St. Louis, MO ature Pedicure, Ginger Bay No day is perfect without a trip to the spa—but what service to choose? If you want to devote a whole day to a spa splurge, or if you want more buffing for your buck, try any of the following: Spa Pick Me Up. Miracle Morning. Brentwood,www. Solace Splurge. Stonewater Ritual.

Afternoon Tea, The Ritz The assortment of dainty treats, attentive service and leisurely pace make English-style afternoon tea an excellent addition to our perfect day. Remember to call before you go—fine tearooms require reservations. By Elaine X. Grant and Christy Marshall. Back to Search .

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Saint Louis adult girls

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