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Atlanta is a city that is famous for its strip clubs. For one thing, they are fully nude which brings in lots of people.

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These strip clubs also take their adult entertainment scene and their music scene very seriously, hosting some of the best dancers and DJs in the city. It's no wonder then that they host some of the best sex parties and events for the alternative crowds that are looking for hardcore fun with like-minded people.

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If you want to find the best Atlanta sex clubs and sex parties, EasySex. Atlanta is a city that's known for its adult entertainment and no matter where you go, you will always be able to find something to enjoy Atlanta has always been a city that knows how to entertain with a variety of sex clubs, strip clubs, and sex parties to help people achieve the maximum amount of pleasure.

During the s and s was when Atlanta's sex club scene really developed as people became more open in expressing their desires with Atlanta's gay pride parade first being established in the s, making it one of the oldest pride parades in US history. There was a boom in strip clubs being opened in Atlanta's midtown area. The city has been home to a of sex establishments throughout history including the famous Clermont Lounge which Outdoor sex sites in Atlanta opened as a strip club in Before that, it was a series of basement nightclubs from to The Clermont Lounge is one of Atlanta's longest-running strip clubs and has survived all attempts that local government has made to shut it down.

Like the Clermont, the Cheetah Lounge is in a historical building. The Cheetah Lounge was originally a s car dealership with elements of that history being incorporated into the de of the venue but it officially opened as a strip club in Inbefore the Democratic National Convention, a law passed that wanted to ban the sale of alcohol in strip clubs.

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This law had been passed in other cities in America but not in Atlanta who defended nude dancing as freedom of speech and before the law could be written down, Atlanta opened up dozens of fully-nude strip clubs. Today, Atlanta is one of the only American cities that offers fully nude strip clubs. From the s, strip club DJs have been a huge influence on the Atlanta music scene.

Many of Atlanta's local talent and music big wigs got their start in these adult establishments. By the early s, there were more than 45 strip clubs operating in Atlanta with many of them still around today. Combined with their dancers and DJs, Atlanta has turned strip clubs into the premier nightlife destination.

If you are checking out some of these Atlanta sex clubsyou can check out some of their historic adult establishments as well as some naughty new places to try. The majority of sex parties take place on Fridays and Saturdays.

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Although a lot of them end early in the morning making them feel like a never-ending party. These places tend to open their doors at 9 pm or even later but they usually end at the same times. If you don't want to deal with the weekend crowds, try heading out to one of Atlanta's sex clubs on Thursday nights. It's busy enough so that you don't feel awkward but not packed enough that it's hard to move around.

Also, cover charges are usually cheaper on weekdays. Some places will also include fun events on Wednesdays to help beat the boredom that comes with the mid-week slump and brings in huge crowds of people all looking to cut loose before the weekend.

Atlanta has everything that you could ever want from your adult entertainment. This includes bathhouses for relaxing play, upscale sex parties and sex clubs, as well as private members-only themed events. Some places even deal heavily in kink and BDSM although they are welcoming to all types of people and experience levels. If you want to find the best Atlanta sex clubscheck out the list below. As you can see from the list, Atlanta has a lot to offer when it comes to sex and adult entertainment. Their sex clubs are some of the best in the US and they take them very seriously, spending time and money on making it some of the best adult entertainment venues.

Most Atlanta sex clubs also host their own naughty sex parties. There's always something new to do and see at Alanta's best sex clubs, sex parties and sex events. For the complete list of EasySex. For a better look at the sex club scene in the US and some cities to put on your bucket list, check out. Heading to Chicago? If you are looking for the best naughty sex clubs and sex parties in Atlanta, EasySex.

Magic City. Flex Spas Atlanta. The Den. Kinky Karaoke Party at the Loft. Flesh and Outdoor sex sites in Atlanta Swingers Ball. Insomnia The Afterparty. Atlanta Sex Clubs. History of Atlanta Sex Club Scene Atlanta is a city that's known for its adult entertainment and no matter where you go, you will always be able to find something to enjoy Atlanta has always been a city that knows how to entertain with a variety of sex clubs, strip clubs, and sex parties to help people achieve the maximum amount of pleasure.

Trapeze Type. Private back area, dance floor, 15, sq. Brief Description. From the first time you enter Trapeze, you can see that it has a lot in common with typical nightclubs with a dance floor, bar areas, fog machines and neon lighting. It looks pretty average until you get to the back area which is where all the fun happens.

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They offer opportunities for orgies and private play and have lockers to hold your clothes so that you can strip down and get more comfortable. Guests are encouraged to enter the club wearing clubwear, fetish gear, leather or costumes and clothes must be worn in the social areas.

Although the facility doesn't provide alcohol, you can bring your own and have their bartenders mix you a drink with the complimentary soda and juices. Magic City Type. It's not a complete list of Atlanta's adult Outdoor sex sites in Atlanta without Magic City.

Magic City might have started out as a strip club but today it's a hybrid between a nightclub-dance club-strip club which makes it such a cool place to visit. You will be able to find everything that you are looking for in a classic strip club without any of that tired and dated s Playboy-esque decor.

Magic City is famous for their DJs and fully-nude dancers who are shaking their stuff to the hottest tracks and making an art out of stripping. It's not all just watching though since a lot of visitors to Magic City get in on the action too. If you are planning to check out the club before 9 pm, it's free to get in, otherwise, you will be paying a cover charge which varies depending on the night.

There is also an upscale dress code with no flip flops, tank tops, and ladies should be dressed tastefully. If you are looking for a place to release your darkest desires, is it. Although not technically located in Atlanta, it's still accessible and lots of Atlanta's kinky crowd end up here. The facility includes the main dungeon and smaller dungeons for more intimate play which includes slings, benches and other sex equipment.

They have a large reception area with comfy seating, an outdoor deck and garden with firepit for socializing with other members. They also offer afternoon and evening parties to help accommodate everyone's schedules. All of 's rooms are on the same floor which makes it very accessible for members and guests alike. Flex Spas Atlanta Type. Flex Spas Cleveland is the place for gay and bi men to feel safe and comfortable to explore their sexual desires.

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They are part of the Flex Spas chain of bathhouses and men's clubs. They have been stepping it up with modern rooms, catering to the desires of the modern man. They also have special events around the holidays and discounts available for their members. The membership can be purchased daily or monthly and once you a member, you get hour access to everything the facility has to offer. This private men's Outdoor sex sites in Atlanta includes a full gym, steam room, shower and sauna for guests to enjoy together or privately.

If you want a change of scenery or a place to cool off, you can head to the showers or try out the clothing-optional outdoor deck. Manifest4U Type. Wifi media lounge, private booths, dark room, lockers, separate smoking lounge. Manifest4U is known as the premiere Outdoor sex sites in Atlanta club for men only. They opened in and have quickly become one of the best Atlanta sex clubs and social gatherings. They offer a range of private Atlanta sex events including bondage and hardcore play in their various private rooms.

Open from Wednesday to Sunday until the very early hours of the morning, Manifest4U is the place to find like-minded men who want to get to know each other better. The Den Type. The Den known is a social men's club for men of color, but they offer a lot more than just a place to chill.

They opened in after seeing a need in Atlanta and boast thousands of members who come to enjoy their facilities. Their facility includes social areas as well as a dungeon with benches, beds, media room, and other sexual equipment. To become a member, you just need to fill out a form and then bring it with you to the facility.

The staff will review the application and once they accept it, you can start enjoying everything The Den has to offer. Although they do have showers, they aren't a bathhouse facility. They hold different themed events and nights practically every day of the week including Fetish Fantasy Tuesdays, Thick Thursdays and Lunchmeat Sessions from Tuesdays to Thursdays from 11 am to 3 pm for a little afternoon delight. Kinky Karaoke Party at the Loft Type.

Nothing's better than adding a little kink to your karaoke and this party at the Loft brings that fantasy to life. All participants belt out some of the biggest hits while wearing slinky lingerie or even nothing at all. The party takes place at the Loft which is a private sex club that has everything that you could ever want from an Atlanta sex club including a dungeon, large play area, dance floor and stripper poles. If you want something more private, they offer private playrooms and baths and showers for guests to enjoy.

They are a smoke-free facility but they do have a deated outdoor smoking deck so you don't have to go far. Flesh and Fetish Swingers Ball Type. If you love fetish play and swinging, you will want to check out the Flesh and Fetish Swingers Ball at the Loft. It's a monthly fetish party that brings in the biggest names in the Atlanta swinging and fetish communities.

This fully-equipped facility is everything that a good sex club should be and even includes a DJ and dance floor for guests to get down and dirty. From 9 pm to 4 am, members can enjoy everything that Atlanta's alternative sex and fetish communities have to offer.

If you are a single female, you get in free to all Swinging Atlanta's events including the Flesh and Fetish Swingers Ball. Insomnia The Afterparty Type.

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Insomnia Atlanta is the popular kinky after-party at Studio Eris at the Loft. To get the invite, you have to be a member of Swinging Atlanta or Studio Eris. The facility has a dungeon with crosses, slings, and other sex equipment as well as a dance floor with DJ for your own personal enjoyment.

There are no showers or lockers and if you bring your own toys, you are responsible for looking after them. The party never stops at this Atlanta sex party. For a better look at the sex club scene in the US and some cities to put on your bucket list, check out EasySex. Live Chat. Chat Live. Chat Chat. Live Live.

Outdoor sex sites in Atlanta

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