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Written by Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pembertonit stars the writers as a pair of hapless burglars attempting to break into the large, modernist house of a couple—played by Denis Lawson and Oona Chaplin —to Looking for quiet night a painting. Once the burglars make it into the house, they encounter obstacle after obstacle, while the lovers, unaware of the burglars' presence, argue. The episode progresses almost entirely without dialogue, relying instead on physical comedy and slapstickthough more sinister elements are present in the plot.

Shearsmith and Pemberton had originally considered including a dialogue-free segment in their television series Psychovillebut ultimately did not; they found the format of Inside No. Both journalists and those involved with the episode's production commented on the casting of Chaplin, a grandchild of the silent film star Charlie Chaplinin an almost entirely dialogue-free episode, though her casting was not a deliberate homage. Critics generally responded positively to the episode, and a particularly laudatory review by David Chater was published in The Timesprompting a complaint from a reader who found the episode more traumatic than comedic.

On its first airing, "A Quiet Night In" was watched byviewers 4. Pemberton and Shearsmith have said that they have no plans to do further silent episodes, but have compared "A Quiet Night In" to the highly-experimental " Cold Comfort " from Inside No. That's appealing, because as a viewer you might not like this story, but you've got a different one next week.

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The format of Inside No. The directors had expressed doubts, Shearsmith explained, because the success of dialogue-free television comes down entirely to the visuals and filming. This episode, like "A Quiet Night In", dealt with a break-in. Inside No. The story of "A Quiet Night In" revolves around a break-in, which, combined with an argument between the people living in the house, means that the characters all have a reason to be silent.

There is always a desire to wrong-foot the viewer. That's what you strive to do". The episode was filmed at the White Lodge, in OxtedSurrey. But we know that, say, if we were writing something about two burglars, we'd be the burglars.

He said that he and Shearsmith had "always wanted to be a couple of robbers in that, so that might be where the idea came from". As the format of Inside No. Shearsmith stressed that the episode should not be considered a silent film in the same way as Charlie Chaplin's, [6] elsewhere saying that the casting was "almost an accident but maybe a little nod".

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Chaplin also said that her character was very unlike herself, explaining that the "big boobs, the heels, the blonde wig Through the windows behind him, burglars Eddie Pemberton and Ray Shearsmith are seen. Eddie is shocked to see that the pair have come to steal an almost completely white painting. Ray starts to dismantle the painting while Eddie keeps watch; he tries to guide a Yorkshire Terrier out of the patio window, but inadvertently lets in an Irish Wolfhound. As Ray releases the wolfhound, Eddie accidentally throws the terrier into the window, so Ray stuffs the dog into an umbrella stand.

Sabrina Chaplin walks down the stairs, and Ray puts the painting back and hides. Sabrina turns down Gerald's music to watch EastEnders.

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Gerald returns, sitting away from Sabrina. He turns up his music and the pair fight over the television remote, before leaving through the patio door and arguing, though their voices are muffled. Ray cuts away the canvas and replaces it with kitchen roll.

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When Sabrina reenters, she unknowingly stands on the canvas. Kim picks it up, mistaking it for laundry, and he into a laundry room as Sabrina walks upstairs. Eddie follows Kim and she sprays something into his eyes.

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Ray knocks out Kim and sees the canvas in a laundry basket, which is sent up a laundry chute. He runs upstairs, while Gerald remains outside. Sabrina packs a holdall, including the contents of the laundry basket.

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She locks the case and he into an en suite. Downstairs, Gerald retrieves a pistol and he back outside. Ray attempts to steal the key from Sabrina's discarded trousers and he sees that Sabrina is a trans woman. On the patio, Gerald points the gun into his mouth, as Eddie stumbles around in the lounge area, having accidentally pushed chilli peppers into his eyes.

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Ray hides under Sabrina's bed as she reenters the room; lying on a sex doll with both breasts and a penis, he is almost discovered. Eddie washes his face, and Gerald starts to play " Without You ". Sabrina makes her way downstairs, taking the holdall's key. Sabrina and Gerald dance. Ray drags the case to the top of the stairs and meets Eddie. Gerald lays Sabrina down on the sofa, places a cushion over her face and shoots her. Gerald turns off the music as the doorbell is heard.

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Answering the door, Gerald sees a man Novak who holds up a reading "Hello, my name is Paul. Gerald splashes his soup onto the blood and invites Paul to clean it. Ray runs down the stairs and meets Paul; he proceeds to buy rope before returning upstairs.

Paul continues to clean, but sees the bullethole in the cushion, and then the suitcase being lowered outside the window. Gerald he outside to investigate, but Eddie and Ray drop the case on his head. The burglars run past Paul and look out to see the canvas in the pool, before both being shot by Looking for quiet night. Paul rings someone and says "Hello, it's me. Yeah, it's done. Yeah, it's fine. Not a peep out of anyone. The style of "A Quiet Night In" is experimental [14] and represents a creative risk.

Though the comedy remains black[16] [17] the comedic style of the episode differs considerably from that of " Sardines ", the installment of Inside No. Critics generally responded positively to "A Quiet Night In". David Chater, writing for The Timesgave a highly laudatory review, saying the episode was "the funniest, cleverest, most imaginative and original television I have seen for as long as I can remember — one of those fabulous programmes where time stands still and the world around you disappears". He chose not to reveal too much about the plot for fear of "spoiling the fun".

Dessau considered the episode "genius", and described the twist ending as "genuinely unexpected". He said the episode was "an almost wordless half-hour of physical comedy", and that "it plays out like a French farce, its comedic strokes far broader" than those of "Sardines". After the episode had aired, The Times received an complaint about Chater's positive review of the episode, which was discussed by the journalist Rose Wild.

I told my husband how it was supposed to be the funniest thing ever, but we were horrified! I'll never be able to forget the little dog being thrown against the window and then stabbed to death by an umbrella — nor the gay man killed by his lover, nor what they had under the bed — nor the deaf man killing the thieves. Having thieves tiptoe comically around the house before having their he blown off did not make up for my trauma. In response, Wild said: "I am sorry if we left any permanent damage. In our defence, we did say 'black' comedy.

On its first airing, the episode receivedviewers 4. This was lower than the 1 Looking for quiet night 5. On this occasion, the episode followed The Fast Show Special. In an interview with Digital SpyShearsmith said that this surprised him, saying "I was upset, I did think it was a shame that it's not been recognised. You want people to have seen it and to have recognised the work, and innovation, but I think people are doing that. I get told that every day on Twitter, or in meetings.

InShearsmith said that he and Pemberton had no intention to write any further silent episodes, as they would not want viewers to think they had run out of ideas, [35] while Pemberton separately said that the pair had no desire to do what would be an inferior version of "A Quiet Night In". Despite this—with its focus on listening and the fact that it was mostly static—"Cold Comfort" could, for Pemberton, be seen as the "polar opposite" of "A Quiet Night In". He said that "It is a lovely thing to be part of and it is great to see how respected slapstick still remains.

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Reece Shearsmith left, pictured in co-wrote "A Quiet Night In" and starred as a moustachioed burglar, while Denis Lawson right, pictured in starred as a wealthy homeowner. Opening section. Middle section. Closing section. A recording of Rachmaninoff 's Piano Concerto No. After Gerald turns on a music player at the start of "A Quiet Night In", an arrangement of the piece can be heard throughout most of the episode.

Looking for quiet night

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