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Commending Luxembourg for its deep commitment and obvious desire to promoting gender equality, expert members of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women also expressed disappointment at the slow pace of legislative reform in the country. The reservation to article 7 on political and public life was put forward on the grounds in that the rules for succession to the Crown of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are based on male primogeniture.

Several experts also expressed disappointment that Luxembourg had not yet ratified the Optional Protocol to the Convention. As Luxembourg was one of the first countries to the Optional Protocol, experts expressed their desire to see the ratification process completed. The best way to combat trafficking was to fight prostitution, the expert of Hungary said. With no market or demand, there would be no trafficking. She expected that ratification of the Optional Protocol would take effect shortly after its consideration by the Parliamentary Assembly. She was also optimistic that the inclusion of the principle of gender equality in the Constitution would soon be adopted.

Some 1, people sought refugee in Luxembourg every year. Those who qualified for asylum status received housing, shelter, food, pocket money, health care, free transportation and language training. Foreign workers were entitled to the same rights as Luxembourg citizens.

The laws applied in equal measure to nationals as well as foreign workers. While trafficking in women using Luxembourg visas did occur, the Government feared, however, that traffickers would go underground if visas were rescinded. Regarding the slow pace of legislative change, she said Luxembourg usually had coalition governments of two parties, which agreed on draft bills. The Government prepared the draft laws, and deputies could make proposals on them. They were then presented to the Chamber of Deputies, which provided advice.

The process did indeed take a long time, which could be frustrating. On the other hand, once the coalition Government agreed to implement a bill, it was done. The Committee will meet again tomorrow, 23 January, at 10 Looking for men Luxembourg sex. The report covers the period from toand focuses in particular on the Committee's recommendations following its consideration of Luxembourg's third periodic report in Regarding the inclusion of gender equality within Luxembourg's Constitution, the report says that planned amendments to the Constitution will be adopted during the to legislative term.

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A draft amendment includes a provision specifying that Looking for men Luxembourg sex and men have equal rights and duties". It also says that the State may adopt specific measures to guarantee de facto equality in the exercise of rights and duties. The report describes recent laws which embody the principle of equality between men and women, including the Law with respect to National Plan of Action.

Other laws address issues such as occupational training, sexual harassment, the burden of proof in cases of discrimination; and protection for workers who are pregnant, have recently given birth or are breastfeeding. The Plan of Action introduces a gender mainstreaming approach with respect to the gender dimension in all aspects of policy. The Government also affirms its commitment to organize positive actions and take positive temporary measures to establish true gender equality in all areas where discrimination exists.

Regarding Luxembourg's reservations to the Convention, the report says that the reservation to article 7 is based on the fact that the rules for succession to the Crown of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which are based on male primogeniture, are embodied in Luxembourg's Constitution.

Withdrawal of the reservation requires an amendment to the Constitution, and the constitutional provision in question has not been declared "amendable". Luxembourg's Constitution does not permit a constitutional provision to be declared amendable during the course of a legislative term. Polices have been taken to change behaviour and stereotypes, the report states.

Several legislative policies have been adopted, including the introduction of parental leave for both fathers and mothers; the obligation to negotiate an equality plan as part of the negotiation of collective agreements; the introduction of positive actions in private-sector enterprises; and the law on protection from sexual harassment in the context of working relations.

Many awareness and orientation actions are being organized for women who re-enter the workforce. The situation of women in the labour force is examined each year in Luxembourg within the framework of its National Action Plan on Employment, the report says. The Government has planned a major campaign focusing on the pay gap between women and men. The project, which has received financial assistance from the European Commission, is entitled "Pay equality and the challenge of democratic economic development". Inthe Government made a commitment to enacting legislation for the removal of persons from the family home who commit acts of domestic violence, the report states.

Draft legislation on violence was tabled in the Chamber of Deputies in May Among its provisions, the bill would provide the Government with the necessary tools for gathering data on domestic violence. The reform to the Civil Service Statute contains several measures to reconcile family and work life.

They include: expanding opportunities for part-time employment; rehiring of women public servants obliged to re prior to Looking for men Luxembourg sex the purpose of raising their children; refresher training courses; and, enhanced flexibility in the organization of work schedules. A manual on the Convention for young people had been updated and distributed to school children, and the Government had reaffirmed its commitment to the gender dimension in all political areas.

A bill to approve the Optional Protocol to the Convention had been deposited in with the Chamber of Deputies. That bill also included the amendment to article The Commission on Gender Equality and the Advancement of Women had also recommended that favourable action be taken on the bill. She expected that Ratification of the Optional Protocol would take effect shortly after its consideration by the Parliamentary Assembly. The inclusion of the principle of gender equality in the Constitution was still being reviewed since agreement had not been found on all the paragraphs in the article concerned.

She was optimistic that the text would be adopted during the current legislative period. The same held for the reservation to article 7 of the Convention on the succession to the Crown, she continued. The current constitutional schedule did not make a constitutional provision revisable. The legislative body had the right to declare that there could be an amendment of a constitutional provision that it deated.

That would make it possible to make the revision regarding the succession to the Crown. Regarding the second reservation, a bill had been deposited in The reservation regarding the name of the child would be removed prior to the submission of the second report, she believed. Regarding recent legislative changes, she announced the adoption of a law against sexual harassment in Sexual harassment continued to persist, despite the new legislative provisions.

While the of complaints received were few, many people suffered from sexual discrimination in the workplace. An information guide on the law was being provided for employers. According to a bill on conjugal violence, women would no longer be forced to leave the family home, and the perpetrator of the violence would no longer be able to stay in the home. Many public relations-awareness campaigns were being carried out and included the opening of shelters and translation into Portuguese of information on shelters.

The focus in would be in the training of police. Regarding migration and trafficking in human beings, she said many people requested asylum in Luxembourg.

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Flows from the former Yugoslavia, in particular Montenegro, had been considerable and ed some 1, per year. Luxembourg provided a legal framework for asylum requests. Once a request had been made, it was reviewed by the Ministry of Justice. The duration of asylum varied from six months to three years.

Refugees received housing, shelter, meals, pocket money, health care, free transportation and language training. Specific care was given to women travelling alone and to single parent families.

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A second group -— pregnant women -- were given housing in the best possible areas near to health care. Women interpreters were also provided. Trafficking in human beings and sexual exploitation were akin to slavery, she said. Investing in the economic development of poor countries would help to reduce migration. Luxembourg had been the target of criticism on its procedure to grant authorization for performing artists. There were specific provisions in that area, and the delegation was ready to provide information.

On the impact of the May law on sexual exploitation, she said there were no cases currently before the courts in that area. A campaign against the sexual exploitation of children was currently under way, and education of children continued to be a concern. Integrating gender equality and democracy must be done as early as possible for all players in society. Women and men were being provided training in the areas of stereotypes and socialization. Experts, both men and women, were in the process of establishing an enterprise to create awareness of positive actions.

Training of men and women delegates in the private sector would also continue. Looking for men Luxembourg sex study on the impact of gender in professional development had been prepared inshe said. Young women were beginning to change their professional activities, and the concept of women remaining at home had lost much of its relevance.

There had been greater equality in the distribution of family responsibilities between men and women, as the of men attending to family matters had increased. Men now comprised some 13 per cent of the people given parental leave.

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That was a major success. Ina campaign to promote parental leave for men would take place. The of women in the workforce was increasing, she added. Measures to integrate young women and to bring women back to the workplace had been made part of the National Plan for Employment. A general rule had been defined to determine conditions for post-school services, and government financial aid was used to construct facilities.

Discounts for child care were given to parents in lower- income brackets. A of the municipalities had expanded their own day-care centres outside school hours, and 60 out of municipalities currently had structures to deal with children at the preschool and elementary levels. Professional guidance and training courses were being organized to help women re-enter the workplace, she said.

Trade unions had adopted action plans to fight the pay gap. A study carried on wage inequality showed a 28 per cent salary gap between men and women. To reduce the gap, companies were to adopt programmes to categorize Looking for men Luxembourg sex. A key element for achieving equality was changing mentalities, she said. Women would not be able to have the same jobs unless they had the same educational levels. Reform of part-time work and improving the degree to which equality was introduced in the private sector was anticipated.

Discussions with civil society partners on salary and wage gaps had triggered increased awareness of equality issues. The Government had succeeded in persuading social partners and leaders to cooperate in meeting the challenge of removing salary and wage gaps.

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At the legislative level, bills had been submitted on domestic violence, the Optional Protocol, the adoption of the amendment to article However, she was disappointed that it had yet to ratify the Optional Protocol, since Luxembourg was among the initial countries that had ed it. Regarding the issue of the patronymic names, she urged Luxembourg to amend that provision of the Constitution in a timely manner.

She then asked for clarification on action plans for the advancement of women in private firms. The revision process of the Constitution regarding article 7 of the Convention had been under way for several years, and she asked whether it would be completed during the current revision period.

She urged Luxembourg to move forward with its constitutional amendments. He also asked why no case law related to the Convention. However, she noted that the attitude of the report towards prostitution and trafficking was not in line with that philosophy.

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How could Luxembourg talk about sexual equality when prostitution existed in the country, and men paid to treat women as objects. The country should be helping women leave prostitution or prevent them from entering it. What was the percentage of women in the judiciary? She was also surprised that only six cases of sexual harassment had appeared in and asked why that was the case.

Also, how were equality delegates selected in the private sector, since more of those were men than women? For example, surely the Government possessed data on domestic violence that could be included in the report. The Government prepared the draft laws and deputies could make proposals on them. There was also the Legal Committee, she said. The Chamber of Deputies provided opinion on reservations to the Convention.

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