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In a world where an estimated third of women still cannot orgasm from sexual intercourse alone, porn offers an opportunity to stimulate, and perhaps to emulate some of the things we see in our favorite videos. Then why, 30 years after the feminist revolution, is it still so clandestine for females to enjoy watching porn?

First of all, a distinction should be made between the porn females enjoy watching and the porn males get off on. This sexual equality is a perfect example of what women are looking for in porn. While they still want hardcore sex images and have shown themselves to be just as satisfied ogling nude men at any opportunity, they also want to see some kind of emotional contact between people while they make love. In fact, an MSNBC study in reported that men prefer purely visual erotica twice as much as women.

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The fact is that many men are content with images of extreme close-ups of a man and a woman having sex, and do not necessarily need the lengthy dialogue and character development that women tend to prefer. This is why more and more women are turning towards pornography created for women by women. Candida Royalle, a female porn-star-turned-director, has perfected the art of combining knock-your-socks-off sex with tender, intimate emotions.

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Many feminists who were once strictly against porn in any form are now realizing the benefit of this erotica-based genre. My work is geared to women.

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In the current climate of conservatism and censorship, porn for women is also an example of why we should maintain free speech. Anti-porn crusaders — and some extreme feminists such as Andrea Dworkin — insist that all porn must be banned because it is degrading to women.

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In fact, it does quite the opposite, empowering women to explore their sexuality and creating a more level playing field. Men take for granted that they can look at women — now women are allowed to look back. So ladies, I encourage you to relish in your hidden interest in porn.

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Did you lose your virginity in a weird place or situation? Or did you plan out the entire thing with candles, roses and condoms?

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Please write me and tell me your stories of deflowerment; all identities will be kept secret. me at [ protected].

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Lady looking sex Badger

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