I love a woman in uniform

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When WWI started, just 16 days later, more women had ed her.

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Since then, thousands of women have followed in their footsteps, and most have had to serve in uniforms deed for their male counterparts, or body types different from their own. Jane Crichton enlisted as an administrative specialist in the Army in Feedback from focus groups directed their attention to narrowing the shoulders, tapering the waist slightly and flaring the hip a bit more. The new de also featured an elastic waist and more room in the seat. After several phases of testing on both men and women, the new uniform was found to fit everyone better and was rolled out as a unisex option in But that can also mean a service member may see several uniform changes throughout their career.

Over the course of her year career, Crichton endured four changes to her P. Some of those changes, like improvements to boots and the addition of pen holders on combat uniforms, were great for Crichton, but not all changes were appreciated.

The mission to de a uniform that works for both men and women and is practical, comfortable, and safe, continues to be a struggle for the services. One result of their input is that women will be issued pants, tailored to the female body, to wear alongside their male counterparts.

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Skirts are still available for purchase, but they will not be the default option. Stephen Thomas, said the all-women board voted unanimously for the change. The project to outfit the Army in the modern take on the old look will roll-out during the next several years.

Soldiers will not be required to own the new Class A uniform until The Air Force is also working to improve uniforms for their female ranks. After a recent study found that nearly pregnant Airmen were resorting to wearing larger flight suits during pregnancy, creating safety issues, the Air Force launched a project to develop maternity flight suits. The initiative went from concept to reality in less than a year, allowing pregnant Airmen to continue working safely, further into their pregnancy.

The Air Force also ed a contract to buy thousands of sets of body armor tailored to the female form that fixes gaps in protection that the armor, deed for men, created for women. The Air Force le the other branches in female service, with women making up 20 percent of its staffing. All the services have announced major changes to grooming standards over the last decade.

The Navy, which used to cut all female recruits' hair to chin-length in basic training, ceased the practice in after feedback highlighted that it was better to allow new recruits to learn how to style their hair into military buns than to send them to the fleet with hair that was too short to put up. The Air Force and Army soon followed suit and during the past year, have created more accommodating grooming standards that embrace the diverse nature of the armed forces.

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Women no longer have a minimum length they must maintain and they can wear their hair in buns, braids, ponytails, dre, and locks, with specific standards for each style to maintain safety and professionalism. Krystal Wright said the sweeping revisions, which include new nail polish guidelines and jewelry wear, make her proud to be a part of such an inclusive organization.

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But one thing remains the same, when their nation needs them, women are answering the call. Fashion vs. Retired Army Col. Jane Crichton in her class A service and dress uniform. Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Fort Sill. Female U. Navy recruits get their first haircut at the Navy Exchange barbershop in Recruits used to get haircuts within the first couple of days upon arrival to boot camp.

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Krystal Wright wears her hair in a newly authorized braid at work.

I love a woman in uniform

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