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March, …. One in three teens nationwide reports being physically, sexually or emotionally hurt by their partner.

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Despite most parents feeling confident that their children would tell them if they were being hurt, only 32 percent of teens in abusive relationships ever actually confide in their parents. Having easily accessible information for a tech-savvy generation of teens is essential for their safety. They often cannot identify abusive behaviors such as constant texts or phone calls, extreme jealousy when they want to spend time with their friends, pressure to take intimate photos or threats to post those photos.

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The td app explains all of these warning s and includes a dating quiz so that teens can figure out where their relationship falls. This app — while never a substitute for direct conversations with your children — is a smart way to deliver information to teens who may be uncomfortable speaking about these issues with their parents.

Using smartphone technology is a smart way to reach teens on a level where they feel safe.

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I commend CCADV for finding new and innovative ways to give teens and their parents the tools that they need to promote healthy relationships. Slossberg D-Milford. At the same time, most parents are confident that their children will talk to them if anything like this were to happen.

This app offers teens a way to learn about healthy relationships on their own terms, through a medium of their own choosing. This is a smart and innovative way to give teens the information they need to develop healthy relationships. Teens who bully are more likely to commit dating violence. Additionally, rates of dating violence appear to run higher in teens who have a history of exposure to violence, aling the importance of starting prevention efforts as early as possible.

What is Sexual Violence? What is Child Abuse?

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Free Bridgeport Connecticut teen dating

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