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Mining company was given permission to blast Juukan Gorge cave, which provided a 4,year-old genetic link to present-day traditional owners. A sacred site in Western Australia that showed 46, years of continual occupation and provided a 4,year-old genetic link to present-day traditional owners has been destroyed in the expansion of an iron ore mine. The cave in Juukan Gorge in the Hammersley Ranges, about 60km from Mt Tom Price, is one of the oldest in the western Pilbara region and the only inland site in Australia to show s of continual human occupation through the last Ice Age.

It was blasted along with another sacred site on Sunday. One year after consent was granted, an archeological dig intended to salvage whatever could be saved discovered the site was more than twice as old as ly thought and rich in artefacts, including sacred objects.

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Most precious was a 4,year-old length of plaited human hair, woven together from strands from the he of several different people, which DNA testing revealed were the direct ancestors of Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura traditional owners living today. But the outdated Aboriginal Heritage Act does not allow for a consent to be renegotiated on the basis of new information.

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Its resting place for 4, years is no longer there. Hayes said the site had been used as a campsite by Kurrama moving through the area, including in the memory of some elders. The Aboriginal Heritage Act has been up for review, in some form, since Draft legislation put forward by the former Liberal government in was rejected after even a National party MP argued it was unfair to traditional owners and did not allow for adequate consultation.

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The new legislation will provide options to appeal or amend agreements to allow for the destruction of heritage sites, Wyatt said. The mining company ed a native title agreement with the traditional owners infour years before their native title claim received formal assent by the federal court. They facilitated the salvage dig inwhich uncovered the true age of the site.

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Archeologist Dr Michael Slack, who led that dig, said it was a once-in-a-lifetime discovery. The flat floor of the cave allowed for a ificant depth of soil and sand to build up, creating a layer almost two metres deep in parts. Most archeological digs in the Pilbara hit rock at 30cm.

Most ificantly, the archeological records did not disappear during the last Ice Age. Most inland archeological sites in Australia show that people moved away during the Ice Age between 23, and 19, years ago, as the country dried up and water sources dried up.

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Archeological evidence from Juukan Gorge suggest it was occupied throughout. Indigenous investigations Indigenous Australians.

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This article is more than 1 year old. This cave in the Juukan Gorge, dubbed Juukan 2, was destroyed in a mining blast on Sunday. Consent was given through outdated Aboriginal heritage laws drafted in Supported by. Calla Wahlquist. Tue 26 May Australia lodges world heritage submission for 50,year-old Burrup Peninsula rock art. Budj Bim Indigenous eel trap site added to world heritage list.

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Dating online mines western australia

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