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By Helen Burns Twitter: helenburns. I am not exactly sure why, how or when it happened, but one day I realized that I was standing on an Beautiful wants sex Helen lot of platforms, talking on a lot of radio and television shows, and throughout many nations about the often taboo subject of sex.

Perhaps it is because I was blessed to grow up in a home where my parents were open and honest with me regarding sex and very openly loving and affectionate toward each other. So, today I find myself really comfortable around this topic though I think my daughters and my older grandchildren still squirm more than a little when John and I are teaching about sex.

February is a month that is synonymous with romance, love and passion, so I thought I would bring this spicy little topic up once again. He created it as a gift and blessing for husbands and wives to enjoy in the safety and sanctity of their marriages. How stunning is that!!! This creates huge relationship challenges not only within marriage, but also in how we relate to the other sex and lead the generations in their view of sex, marriage and men. So I am standing with a fiery passion to reclaim what belongs to God and there are few things I feel more passionate about than reclaiming healthy sexuality.

I believe that in many ways it has become the battleground of our society. In a world riddled with sexual exploitation in so many arenas—from pornography and infidelity to sex trafficking—I am convinced one of the ways to win the war is to let TRUTH speak into this matter and bring beautiful, healthy sexuality back into marriage, where it belongs. Sex as it was intended is holy and can create health and wholeness in a marriage. While sex is not the foundation for a healthy marriage, it is a beautiful expression in which couples can feel supported and comforted by each other. But here are a few thoughts I hope can help you:.

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Once again, having a healthy heart and attitude is critical for every woman. The best time to take care of your heart in this regard is before you ever enter into a relationship with a guy.

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Our attitude toward sexual passion says something important about the state of our hearts. Sex is a porthole into our hearts, and our heart is a difficult place for us to hide from our hurts, disappointments, wrong attitudes, emotions and feelings toward sex.

So many women have been stolen from—some have been sexually violated; others have been lied to and told that sex is dirty and horrible by their own mothers; others gave up sex when they longed for physical intimacy, because of a massive Daddy- hole in their hearts. Whatever the reason may be, I feel it is imperative that we pay attention to our heartsget truth into our hearts, and then learn to discover and walk in the freedom of an open and ready heart. Every woman at the core of her heart longs to be loved, known, cherished and pursued.

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That is the picture of true romance, which is the cry of every feminine heart. Whether your heart is free, or battered and broken, there is hope, healing, strength and beauty for your gorgeous, perfect, God-shaped heart. Helen Burns and her husband, John, speak around the world on the topic of relationships. Nineteen years ago, I moved from Taiwan to Canada to marry Scott. We have two teenagers, a preteen, a Bernese Mountain dog and a restaurant. Ask Scott to tell you our love story. InI founded SheLovesmagazine. As an Afrikaner woman, born and raised in South Africa during Apartheid, my story humbly compels me to step out for justice and everyday peacemaking.

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I have also seen firsthand the impact injustice has had on the lives and stories of women around the world. I refuse to stay silent. I am anti-racist and also a recovering racist. SheLoves Magazine. Sex In Marriage Sex as it was intended is holy and can create health and wholeness in a marriage.

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But here are a few thoughts I hope can help you: A healthy sexual relationship starts with a healthy YOU. Couples should be discussing their needs openly in order to negotiate a relationship that meets BOTH of their needs. Ladies, God meant for you to really enjoy sex too! A great sexual relationship will come from an overall great relationship with your spouse.

It can only truly be enjoyed when there is mental, emotional and physical trust.

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Sexual frustration can be an indicator of a relationship that is lacking trust. Great sex will require giving. Love gives, lust demands. Do you really know what your spouse wants?

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You were created to enjoy sex, not endure sex. Try to at least be honest with yourself here — no need to answer out loud, though perhaps your thoughts could help others?

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How can we become a part of the answer to the sexual brokenness in our world? Any other thoughts or feelings on this topic? Idelette McVicker. I also happen to drive a minivan and drink my lattes plain. My life is exciting enough! Catina Martin. Tags beauty book club books change Children Christmas church community faith family freedom girls Global God grief help hope ideas Idelette Idelette McVicker inspiration Jesus Justice Kathy Escobar life Love magazine motherhood Parenting prayer Purpose reading reflection relationships she loves sheloves sisterhood stories story teenbug the red couch Tina Francis woman Women writing.

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Beautiful wants sex Helen

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